This I Believe

Timothy - watertown, New York
Entered on January 24, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe I should always put forth my best effort…

I learned from my father to apply this philosophy to my job. When I first started college we worked together at a local gas station and I observed that he performed every part of that job to the best of his ability and that inspired me to do the same, for that job and every position I’ve held since.

However, it was still some time later before I began to apply this philosophy to all my responsibilities in life. In particular, I avoided or procrastinated from completing those responsibilities that I was not fond of performing and the result was often failure or mediocre success. Finally, I realized to be more successful I should treat every responsibility, whether I like it or not, as I do my job.

For example, take job interviews, I used to tell myself that I was terrible at job interviews because every one I went on seemed to go terrible, but the fact was because I didn’t like them, I didn’t put any effort into preparing for them and that’s why they went terrible. I proved this to myself with the job I now have. Before I was applying my best effort to all my responsibilities, I interviewed with my current employer twice and failed to get the position, but when I did put forth my best effort I was successful in getting the position.

My inspiration for living by this philosophy was not limited to my desire to become successful at past failures; it was also influenced by my desire to improve my self esteem. For example, in the past if was taking a course that I didn’t like, I would settle on just passing the course and getting my credits and moving on. However, I would these leave those courses not feeling so good about myself, knowing I could have done better. That’s why now when I put my best effort into all my coursework I feel happier knowing I did the best I could.

So, from the inspiration of my father’s personal work ethic and my own life experiences I believe I should always put forth my best effort.