This I Believe

Morgan - New Glarus, Wisconsin
Entered on January 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

High school is hard. Period. What makes it even harder are the pushy Sophomores, the rude Juniors, and their majesties, the Seniors. But all in all being a freshman in high school can’t be all that bad, right? Trust me, it can. Thanks to finals that rocket scientists couldn’t pass, book reports that take weeks to write let alone read the book itself, soccer and swim team practices consuming five nights a week, memorizing chemical formulas that are longer than my social security number, piano lessons (so help me God), playing flute in jazz band, keeping up with Jr. Holstein, Jersey, and Brown Swiss associations, making the grade in school, balancing a career, petrifying my parents about how ‘great’ a driver I am, and keeping pace with all of my friends.

My five closest friends are probably the only antibiotic for the common disease many refer to as high school, and when all else fails Jo, Jess, Dani, Liv and Mac are always there for me and each other with the latest gossip about what happened during third period Spanish 1 and rumors about who is dating who.

On the rare weekends that aren’t occupied by swim meets for Dani and myself, indoor soccer for Mackenzie, musical practice for Jo and Olivia, and dance rehearsals for Jessica, we assemble in large masses at Jo’s movie theatre in her basement to watch the latest released chick flick, eat pizza by the slice, drink pop, and talk about how our lives are officially ended since the death of Heath Ledger. We also write down Olivia’s most ridiculous questions of the day, such as, “Hey guys, if I were a midget would you still hang out with me?” or “I wonder what the serving size is for ‘Tic Tacs’?” and all of us attempt to rescue Jo from choking on clear 15 pound fishing line (we hate to break it to you Jo, but you are not a Large Mouth Bass).

When Monday morning rolls around, all of us gather around our lockers and exchange certain details about what swim events we won, what celebrity is cutest, what shirt we got over the weekend at Wet Seal and the pair of ripped jeans we got at Buckle, the latest on Dani and Nathan’s relationship, and how the Packers got ripped off by the Giants in the playoffs (even though the Colts are the best).

I don’t know what I would do without my friends, we do everything together. We laugh together we even cry together and in four years we will walk the stage, receive our diplomas, and graduate together, and we’ll go to college. And we’ll be freshmen, again.