This I Believe

Rachel - New Glarus, Wisconsin
Entered on January 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope, work

Never Give Up

We all have our goals in life. Some of mine are passing high school (with good grades), attending a good college, eating a snail (a cooked one), and just being happy about my life. And what would be one way of achieving these goals? By never giving up.

I play soccer and basketball. I absolutely love soccer and I’m pretty good at it. Basketball on the other hand, you could say I’m not the best. I mess up and don’t know what I’m doing a lot, but I try and work hard to get better. So then I can prove to myself and my teammates that I can do it.

Everyone knows that no one can be perfect in everything, all the time, and that we all have our off days. This past summer, I went to a soccer camp, an elite camp. At first I wasn’t nervous about going, because I’d gone to other soccer camps before and I was going with one of my good friends. But by the end of the first day, I was really intimidated. A lot of girls were from huge towns and played on very good teams. I knew one girl whose team had went to state. I was really nervous and wasn’t doing well, so I got my mind straight and thought, “I may not be able to beat ‘em, but I’ll try.” So if I went against someone who was really fast, I gave her an extra foot, if I knew a girl who always did the same move, I tried to prevent it. I worked hard, and it payed off. I started doing really good from there on, but it seemed like just a little while, and then camp was over.

About seven years ago, one of my cousins died. His name was Cooper and he was twelve. My aunt was heartbroken, sad to this day. But yet, she is happy and still has her goals in life. Instead of isolating herself, giving in, and sobbing 24/7, she kept her head held high. She worked on raising money for a YMCA summer camp, in Idaho, for children that usually can’t afford one. And my uncle’s company actually built the camp. The camp helps her remember Cooper, and my family has been a huge support to her. In my eyes, she is one of the strongest, most inspirational people I know, and I’m glad that she’s my aunt.

So when things seem hard or impossible, I try to hold on and get through the situation, even if it’s big or small. When I face a task that really means a lot to me, I do whatever it takes to accomplish it. Because I feel better about it after I’ve done it. But I feel mad when people just give up on something and never try again. In my mind they have just failed, they’re quitters. I know that may be harsh, but people shouldn’t give in so easily.