This I Believe

Anna - New Glarus, Wisconsin
Entered on January 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

Bright Side

Anna Meding

As I grow older and wiser (hopefully) I have started to realize the importance of happiness. One way I achieve happiness is surrounding myself with good people, or I try new things, or I count my blessings, but the one that always worked best for me and is my personal favorite, is looking at the bright side. Finding the best of the situation. Sometimes it is simple, sometimes it is difficult, but I believe it is essential.

One of the most difficult times for me to find the bright side was when my parents decided to get a divorce. As an only child I felt absolutely alone. I could only center on the dark side of the situation. (Like the pressures of a new house and having to switch houses on a schedule and I wasn’t good with time.) But I finally realized, it’s not completely horrible. I had started to see the positive, like; hey I get two bedrooms to design! And my parents will be happier. Discovering the bright side of the situation took a lot of deliberating, but then every time my dad and I went house searching I thought about what I wanted my new bedroom to look like. Would I make it similar to my original one? Would it be completely different? The possibilities seemed endless…

To my young mind it didn’t register what I was doing. But as I look back I realize I was finding the bright side. And this skill I seemed to have acquired, greatly helped me though one of the toughest times of my life. And it has helped me many times since. From anything like looking at when a fourth hour German test will be done, instead of when it begins, to considering how fantastic creamy chocolate tastes instead of its unhealthy properties.

I believe seeing the positive can be taught to anyone. Someone as young as a toddler can learn to look at his or her glass of milk as more full than empty. And someone as old as a century can look at what they accomplished with their life instead of what they had always meant to. And I believe you can learn and apply this skill whenever you choose.

When I am only seeing negatively it affects me greatly. I become much sadder, much less me. I sometimes must remind myself to look at the positive. Then I am again happy. I am again me. I have in no way perfected this skill. Often I catch myself thinking negatively. And this doesn’t just affect me but also my friends and family as well. They can almost always realize when negativity has overcome me. And often they help me out of the swing, they cheer me up, help me see the bright side. My friends and family are essential to my happiness.

This skill that has helped me time and time again, and again and again it has improved my life and my attitude. I believe strongly in the positive, the bright side. And I hope I will use this skill for the rest of my life because it will keep me looking on the positive side of things. It will keep me happy.