This I Believe

Mackenzie - New Glarus, Wisconsin
Entered on January 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Mackenzie Christensen

Advanced English 9

This I Believe

January 25, 2008

Attitude Always Impacts Your Life

I’m sitting in my desk half asleep barely listening to the teacher. I have learned very little from what she is teaching today. All I hear is her lecture on and on about some topic until I hear the worst word in the english language: essay. Our teacher has just told us we are going to write a “This I Believe” essay. Inwardly I groan at thought of writing another paper, and I am anything but positive about this essay. But as I learned more and more about this essay, my attitude about writing it changed. As I started looking for a topic, it dawned on me how much attitude affects a person’s perspective and performance.

I’ve learned that you can’t let someone else’s bad day or poor attitude bring you down and ruin your day. When you give into someone else’s bad attitude it is almost the same as giving into peer pressure.

I use to do swim team. For the first couple of years I really enjoyed swimming. My attitude was very positive, and my times improved each time I swam. But as the years wore on I started to concentrate more on basketball and soccer. My attitude towards swimming became similar to a little kid being forced to take a nap. I was reluctant to swim and often complained about going to swim practice. Once I was at swim practice, I would take as many breaks as possible because I didn’t want to be there. As a result, my swimming times got progressively worse instead of better. My attitude impacted how well I did in swimming.

On the first day of school my friends and I were all happy to see each other, but at the same time none of us wanted to be at school. All of us secretly longed to return to the sunshine, warmth, and freedom of summer. And as it always does, reality got in our way, so we found ourselves back at school. Each of use trudged from class to class, saying hi to our friends and asking how their summer was. Once we got to lunch we all sat down at our table each with the same feeling of being trapped at school again. As we started to laugh and gossip together, we each realized how much we had missed one another, and slowly each of our attitudes changed until all of us were looking forward to the rest of our day at school.

There are many events in our lives that we can’t control. But our attitudes are one of the few things that we can. If we can control our attitudes shouldn’t we try and always keep our attitudes positive. I don’t mean be obnoxiously happy, just try to find a happy medium because your good mood will spread to others. I once read that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% is the attitude you react to it with. But there is more to attitude then just positive or negative there are many different types of attitudes such as: a procrastinator, a hard worker, a slacker, an overachiever, or an underachieve. What kind of attitude do you have? And is your attitude worth catching?