This I Believe

Rajaa - Johnson city, New York
Entered on January 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Since I was in the teenage, I believe that the most important and crucial decision anyone can take is choosing the spouse, in choosing the person who will share your life. The decision should depend in how you see the life and what is your target. I heard many stories about some relatives and friends who were unlucky in their decisions which lead them to unstable life.

For me, I think that the most important factors that affect the success of any marriage are love, trust and corporation. Your partner should be one who loves you and takes care of you; he should be your best friend and someone who can trust.

Now after three years of marriage, I think my decision was correct, I found that my spouse is not only my partner but he is also my soul mate.

Since both of my husband and me are students and our time is full with studying and research, life will be very hard without helping and sacrifice from both of us, especially that we have a baby and we are far from our families who can help us doing all of this. But I think with love and insistence we will continue until we reach our dreams.