This I Believe

Hannah - Tacoma, Washington
Entered on January 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that laughter helps make the world go around. Without it the word would be a very unhappy place.

Laughter can make me forget all of my problems. I’ve had ups and downs, like everyone else, and laughter was what helped me get back up. It helps with physical pain as much as emotional pain. It can help mend broken hearts or make a situation that isn’t all that great seem better.

When I as younger and had fallen down and scrapped my knee, whoever was around, whether it was my parents, sisters, or friends, they would try to make me laugh. It always worked. Well almost always. There are one or two instances that I remember where no one could make me laugh. No matter how hard they tried. Those are the instances that you have to make yourself laugh.

Laughter is a type of medicine that you don’t need to by. You don’t need to go to the doctor to get a prescription. It’s free. Most of the time. Sometimes you laugh at someone else’s expense. This is the only type of laughter that is hurtful. Don’t get me wrong, I have laughed at someone else’s expense. But afterwards, I would feel bad about doing so. I feel bad because I remember how I felt to be laughed at. It isn’t the greatest feeling in the world.

I believe laughter helps make the world go around, when it isn’t at someone’s expense. If we didn’t have it everyone would be depressed and the world would be a said place to live in.