Who is Jesus?

Ashton - Magee, Mississippi
Entered on January 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: Christianity

Many people, especially in the area where I live, assume everyone knows the answer to this question. I also have a flaw with assuming that everyone knows that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. It is a shock to me when I hear people say they do not believe in Jesus Christ. I have always assumed everyone believes the same as I do. This has made me realize that all the people I have met during my life may or may not be Christians. My heart dropped with I came to this realization. I thought back to all the people I have come in contact with, and I wondered why this thought didn’t come to my mind.

There are many ways to show God to other people. Actions, words, and lifestyles of devout Christians stand out from non-believers, and they can influence people to come to Christ. Christians try to “plant a seed” in people who do not know Christ. This means that Christians can give an idea, or plant a thought, to another person about Jesus. No one can make another person believe anything, but we can be an influence.

I believe in many things. There are facts all around me, and I believe almost everything that I learn in school. The most important belief that I have is the belief in Jesus Christ. I have life filled with love, happiness, and strength with the help of my relationship with Jesus. I want everyone to know Him because He can make the lives of others more meaningful. When I came to know Jesus Christ, I understood my purpose here on earth. My purpose is to tell others about Him. I feel Jesus in my presence everyday, and I know He is watching over me. I love my relationship with Him, and I want to share this great feeling with everyone else in the world. When I am freinds, I now feel His tugging at my heart. The thought of others not believing runs through my mind, and it encourages me to show God throught everything I do.