This I Believe

robert - thousand oaks, California
Entered on January 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

At night many people dream of what they wish they were. They will dream of making millions or marrying the love of their life, but for me these dreams can not be a reality. A question constantly keeps appearing in my head of intricate philosophies. Why can’t these dreams of fortune and pleasure be a reality in my life? This is what I thought but I was wrong. You could think that capturing your life long dream is a long multiple step formula; but it is simple. Your dream is just a series of short term goals and when conjoined together it will lead you to the altar of your dream.

I have asked many adults if what they are doing is what they really wanted or enjoy the most. The majority of the group has the answer of, “No.” When they were younger they dreamed but never had the passion, patience, or believed it could be a reality. To be successful in reaching your desired future or dream, create small goals that are necessary to the build up of the completion of your dream. This might take weeks, months, maybe even years, but this is the most successful way of getting it done and when complete you will find yourself in long lasting happiness. We are all born with the equal chance of big dreams and only few take the advantage of it. Most importantly you need to have patience and passion towards your dream, keep in mind that a dream is simply just a completion of simple goals over time.

The one day that changed from dreaming to believing is the day I heard my grandfather, from Spain, tell me his life of success. About how using the passion of learning to build houses from doing well in trigonometry and geometry. Then the story of when he was a member of the most powerful and most respected military in the world and how he had to hold infantry of German soldiers off for a day while supplies and reinforcements came to their rescue. Having the dream of giving back influenced him to then become a teacher and giving young adults knowledge in mathematics and the language of Spanish. And by this, I believe that everyone can be what they dream of.

When I grow up I want to go to college and play sports but graduate as a student and get a great job that I will really enjoy. Doesn’t really sound that original for a male highschool athlete but I will be the one that will get it done. By working hard at practice and using the gift of speed and quick reaction God gave me will help me in obtaining this dream. But more has to be done. I will do well in school, to get good grades, so that schools will notice me, and will be relied upon to be eligible for sports. In this I believe.