This I Believe

Liza - California
Entered on January 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in a batch of cookies. The ordinary treat that is a fresh batch of home made cookies.

Throughout high school, I would bring in batches of cookies that I had baked the night before. I would share them with friends, acquaintances, strangers, and teachers that I saw through out my day until every last cookie had been eaten. This never took long; they could be gone in as little as twenty minutes. The short life span of my hours of spontaneous baking was what I looked for, if they lasted the whole day they probably weren’t very good and hadn’t served their purpose.

I baked those cookies for many reasons. I baked when I was bored or hungry, when I was developing a new recipe, or when I needed to return a favor. No matter what the reason was, the reaction was the same. Stressed out, over worked teenagers were drawn to the cookies by some invisible force. A simple cookie and suddenly the day got better. Once gathered around the cookies trying to get as many as possible, I could see their faces light up and relax as they enjoyed a simple treat with friends. The kids who were in the middle of deciding on what to do for the rest of their lives just needed a favorite childhood snack to bring everything back into perspective.

Taking a cookie break did more than cheer people up for a moment. A simple break for a cookie brought friends together who were isolating themselves in their own specific pile of responsibility. These moments reminded everyone that they had friends and support while they made what seemed like monumental decisions.

The cookies helped bring my friends back together during the stress of high school, but they also helped me. Each time I made a batch of cookies out of a bunch of raw ingredients, I felt accomplished. Making something that can be enjoy by others is a special kind of joy that is increased each time I get to see a friend’s face light up as they enjoy a delicious cookie.

This is the way I pulled my friends together and brought them joy for moments at a time through our stressful days in high school. The moments shared over the cookies I baked made the effort of making them worthwhile. It made me happy to bring them a small moment of joy that they could share with each other. I hope to be able to do the same throughout all stages of my life, for now I do not have easy access to a kitchen so my baking is on hiatus until next year when I hope to bring people in college together for that small moment of joy that held so much for me in high school.