This I Believe

Jesse - 06812, Connecticut
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

First I would like to say that I respect all beliefs and belief systems, I am open to new experience and would try many different things. I would never hold someone’s religion or beliefs against them. Nor would I ever assume to convince them that what I believe is the correct and only way. In the following text, I will simply elaborate on my belief system and some other opinions that I hold. I do not believe that my way is the correct and only way it is. I believe there are many paths to God. And my opinions are continuing to change and shape, in fact I don’t believe they will ever cease to do so. I beg you not to take offense to some of the things I am about to write, it is simply my belief.

Thus we come to the topic of religion. I will be the first to admit here that I am not a very good practicing Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Baptist, (born-again) or Evangelical, Episcopalian, Puritan, Lutheran or any other division of Christianity that one can think of.

I do not follow doctrine or any “rules” made by a church, temple or mosque. But here is what I do believe:

-I believe in God (what I envision him to be)

-I believe in the birth and Death of Jesus Christ this is why I wear his image on a chain upon my neck. (However I believe that Jesus the son and God the father are two separate deities)

-I believe in the morals and ethics that the Holy Bible preaches, I believe that most are universal and shared by many religions

-I believe in the spiritual world and a division of good and evil

-I believe in the Zodiac and the mysteries of Astrology

-I believe that man’s existence on this earth has a purpose, and that purpose is to do good

-I believe in the teachings of various prophets (Not only Jesus Christ) I believe that their teaches are beneficial in guiding human behavior

-I believe in a 4th dimension and things that cannot be explained with the intellectual capacity of the human brain

-I believe that we as a human race are not alone in this universe

-I believe in the possibility of reincarnation

-I believe in evolution, whether it be from primates, lizards or sea creatures

-I believe that we all have a destiny

-I believe that we also have the power to change and shape that destiny

-I believe that the future is not set in place, but is constantly moving and changing

-I believe that the fundamentals of the various religions of the world share and hold similar characteristics and stories that cannot be ignored as simply coincidence.

-I believe that the acceptance into the afterlife (Call it heaven or paradise) is not ONLY done through one prophet (such as Jesus or Muhammad) but through ones individual and personal beliefs lead by a virtuous and righteous life.

-I believe that throughout history, man has distorted and twisted the true message of God, be it the Catholic Church, radical Muslims, or ultraconservative Jews, they take the original message and interpret in ways that favor USUALLY only their faith.

-I believe that the true message of god can be summed up in one quote “I have seen hundreds of men die for what they believe to be the ‘will of god’, but that all God truly wants is in your heart and your mind, and what you do each day will decide if you are a good man … or not.”

-And lastly, I believe that there is a sacred force in this universe, one that is known to all, it binds us together and moves through us and all matter, it interrelates thoughts and actions, it shapes our future and holds our past. We, if we chose can tap into it, whether it be through prayer, meditation or even death. It is miraculous, and its greatness cannot be comprehended by the simplicity of the human mind.

This leads into my next belief, I do not believe in Satan, I do believe that there is evil in this world, however I believe that it is mostly created by mankind and human nature. Yet, I also believe that there is a possibility of the existence of evil spirits. However I do not believe in a one true lord of darkness that controls all evil. I believe that the creation of this figure was meant to be much more symbolic in nature and in the scriptures than Hollywood portrays.

In conclusion, I continue to explore the possibilities and ranges of the various and differing religions and beliefs of the world. Many events in my life continue to shift and shape my belief system, this will never stop for me, whether I be 18 or 81. I consider myself to be a very spiritual person, I cannot comprehend how some people say that there is no God and that we are all just some mistake in nature, floating around in a black abyss of ever expanding nothingness until one day it all contracts and the cycle begins anew. No, there is simply too much evidence to suggest otherwise, and as long as I live I will continue to strive to understand it all, yet somewhere deep inside of me there is something that tells me that we are not meant to understand it all, we must continue to do what we exist to do … and that in my opinion is to love … unconditionally.