This I Believe

Ryan - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

It’s OK to Get Pissed

I believe in getting pissed at the slow driver in front of me. Not road rage angry, not obnoxiously tail gating or bright flashing angry, just mad enough to envision them crashing, or to slew a few choice words in his or her direction. Now, I realize anyone would think less of me for visualizing another’s violent, untimely death, the only purpose to selfishly get to my destination one minute faster. I can assure you, however, that the notion is completely harmless.

It is a great way to vent the day’s frustrations. Not get enough sleep last night? The slow old man going 37 in a 55 needs to roll his ‘92 Cadillac El Dorado a few times. Late for work again? The sixteen year old girl traveling 5 under is obviously stupid and a testament to the ease of obtaining a drivers license. The driver in front of me is out of earshot and could be anyone, so the driver is anyone I need to vent my frustrations on.

I believe that driving stereo-types are some of the only truly undamaging stereotypes. The only negative affect of these stereotypes is that teenagers and young adults have increased insurance rates, which I’m sure is warranted seeing as they do tend to get in more accidents and drive crappier, more-likely-to-break-down cars. These stereotypes help me to focus my anger in one general direction so as to not make me pissed with the entire human race. Once he or she finally finds that address they’ve obnoxiously been looking for, or a passing lane divinely comes to end my sinful thoughts, I can get up to a good cruising speed; anger all used up, and carry on with my day happily.