This I Believe

Kristina - Tacoma, Washington
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My dad always said “you only regret the things that you don’t do”. That has became something that I live by and I truly believe in.

I remember in 6th grade I had the opportunity to run for a position to be in ASB for my 7th grade year in middle school. In 6th grade I was in ASB, but I had to run again to be in it for 7th grade. The same applies for 8th grade. I enjoyed being a representative for my class, but I was extremely nervous about getting up on stage to read my speech in front of my entire grade with friends and even family in the audience. I said that “I didn’t want to be in ASB because I wanted to be in the audience for once. I wanted to know what that was like to watch other people because normally I was always the one in the lime light. I wanted to be with some of my friends in the audience”. I told myself, “if I was not a representative this year that would be okay or what does it matter if I’m not in ASB all three years. It is not that important”.

I was afraid of losing. I was afraid of embarrassing my family. My brother is one of those students that everyone loves and has a great reputation. He is pretty much a perfect student in my mind, and of course he’s older than me, so it seemed like I always had to be as good as him or live up to his reputation. He was in ASB all three years, so I didn’t want to lose and ruin the “Norlin” reputation. I decided that not running and possibly disappointing my family would be the best solution.

Everyone tried to convince me to run. “It is really fun” they would say. To me it was just okay.

I was in it one year, won’t it just be the same thing for the other two years?

A couple nights before all the papers were due, me parents sat my down and we discussed the election. The phrase that really stood out in that conversation was my dad saying “remember, you only regret the things that you don’t do”. I have heard that before but I always just responded with whatever. Normally, I always did whatever my parents thought was right for me. I was in a rebellious stage.

After elections, they had their first meeting (which was during 6th period). When I saw some friends leave, I regretted not running for ASB, and from then on I have considered all my decision and thought about how I would feel at the end; if I would regret it or if I would be proud of it.

It’s funny how a simple phrase can sure mean a lot in one person’s life, especially in mine.