This I Believe

Rabih - seattle 98125, Washington
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in love for your country. I believe in always helping people in your country. I believe in always going for duty when your country needs you. I believe that your country comes first. I believe in my country, America.

I believe in love for your country because your country is always going to be behind your back and will always support you in situations that you are in or might get into. Also I believe that you should always try to keep your country as popular and good as possible for how it is treating you. I believe in love for your country because in the country that in which you live is the greatest country is the world. It is America.

Once I went on vacation to my heritage country, which is Lebanon. I was there in the summer of two thousand and six and my family intended to stay for two months. However, after only eighteen days in Lebanon, an undesired war broke out between Hezbollah and Israel. My family was stuck. There were a few bombs that hit the airport so there was no way out. Then a couple of days later we got a call from the American embassy. They called and told my family that we have to leave on the 28th of July. So we went to the port of Beirut and we were evacuated to Cyprus on a nice cruise ship entirely paid for by the American government. After that we went to Washington D.C. There we were greeted by the mayor and the army. Also they gave us hotels until we could find flights back to Seattle. When we returned we were thankful for coming back safe and sound.

I have always believed in love for my country but haven’t actually experienced any circumstances that had made me believe in this until the past two years. Also now what I have been seeing what has been and is happening in the world I feel my love my country gets bigger everyday and every minute. This is one of the many situations I have been in where my country has supported me and has also been behind my back. So that is why I think everyone should have love for their country and is one of the most important beliefs everyone should have and keep.