Apocalate the Apocalypse

Lisa - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

Anywhere you look, it’ll be there. That’s because it’s one of the biggest themes of our life: Death.

Just take a walk down the street and you’ll find it in dozens of places: cigarette ads, anti-global warming posters, exhaust pipes, newspaper headlines. When you think about it, it’s imbedded in our culture: It’s in the books we read, the movies we watch, our religion and holidays like Halloween. And, more than that, it’s our life. Our world is filled with a million deaths, like pollution, corruption, leukemia, depression, anorexia and cancer. Our grandparents and ancestors remember the horrors of slavery, war, famine and the Holocaust.

But what we have to remember is that even surrounded by death, what really matters is living. What would happen if survivors of the Holocaust decided that it wasn’t worth it? If the starving had given up?

This I believe: without hope, there is nothing,. Even if you’re alive, if you don’t have hope it’s no better than being dead. Even though we live in a world plagued by a million deaths we have to remember life. We have to remember that along with a million deaths, we also have billions of lives, billions of people all working for the same thing: a better life. We must remember the scientists, who have given us insulin and vaccinations, the doctors who have give us health and cures, the geniuses who gave us electricity and history we must remember the ordinary extraordinary people like us who work for the best today and a better tomorrow. And most of all, we need to remember our part, the work we owe the next generation.

So don’t give up. Without hope, anything left is worthless. If the survivors of the holocaust, the starving had given up, they not only would have abandoned hope, they would have abandoned us.

The only thing that matters about life is living it, and you only have a limited amount of life guaranteed, so don’t waste any of it acting like you’re dead.