This I Believe

glynis - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Many of us have all seen the cute brand with the words “life is good” and the simple pictures above these words. I think that they got this inspirational quote from my father. For as long as I can remember, “life is good” has been my father’s motto. We even have a home video from 1990, when he said “life is good” to my mom, when she was just barely complaining about the weather. As you can tell my father is an extremely positive person. He is always happy in the hope that he will brighten someone else’s mood.

Whenever my friends and I are getting on each others nerves, which does not happen a lot, I usually sulk around the house acting like what he calls “a typical crabby teenager”. He eventually finds me in my room lying on my bed, listening to music, and reading a magazine. He knocks on my door once and comes in, not even bothering to wait until I invite him into my room. He walks over to where I am lying, gives me a fist bump and says “Life is good,” and then he walks out of my room closing the door behind him. While rolling my eyes, I turn my music up even louder trying, just to dwell in my sour mood. As I continue to sit in my room, still upset, my mind forces me to reflect on my fathers words. This makes me realize that in his own little way he is trying to say “be positive and stop moping.” After decoding my father’s messages I am always in a better mood and I tend to leave the house with a smile on my face so I can be a happy person for everyone that I see at school. My father works in simple ways that can really have an effect on someone’s day, and I hope to have this wonderful quality some day.

“We have been given a great gift from God: the gift of life,” my father said. “And since God has given us this gift, “life is good’”. He made a promise with God a long time ago that when he has kids he would raise them to be positive people. He has definitely fulfilled his promise because I would certainly consider myself a positive person. This past semester in sociology my smiley friend Kevin and I were working on a group project, together. Then he unexpectedly said “You’re always smiling, and you always look like you are in a good mood. What makes you so happy all the time?” Then I smiled at him, and I said “because life is good”.