This I Believe

Kachina - Scranton, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that mothers may have the hardest job of all, especially if they are parenting alone. Mothers’ have to watch every step their child takes. They love and care for their child and only want what is best. I never really thought about how much a mother actually works. If they have an infant, they must watch them like a hawk. They have to feed them, change their dirty diapers, entertain them when they cry, and bathe them while maintaining a household. As one gets older, one has more needs. Mother now needs to drive children to activities and try to give them extra spending money. It is tough to be a working mother. She has a job then, comes home to do more work. She has duties of her own, where she tidies up the household.A mother has to cook dinner, wash the dirty dishes, and do the laundry. When does mother have time for herself? Mother, also, has to clean the house, sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets, dust the knick knacks, clean household appliances. We all take for granted what our mothers do for us. They make huge sacrifices just to satisfy our needs. My mother has been very sick and I’ve taken on her job. As the eldest; it was my duty to get the job done. I had make dinner, do the laundry, cleaned up, wash the dishes, make sure my brothers do their homework and took bathes, and grocery shop. I had to do all of this along with my school work. I never thought being a ‘mother’ could be so hard. Mothers must also support their child and encouraging them to succeed. A motherly instinct is to love their child no matter what and support their decisions. One of the hardest jobs a mother has is protecting their child (or children). No mother wants to see their child hurt, emotionally, verbally, or physically. A mother’s natural instinct is to protect the child as for as long as possible. Protecting a child is a strenuous job. In conclusion, mothers have the most difficult job.