This I Believe

Kevin - Taylor, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: illness

This I believe: there’s always room for misunderstanding. Everyone misinterprets something everyday, for reasons that may be funny or just because of bad-timing. I misunderstand a lot, but I look for a solution by asking those who know more than I. Friends I know understand what I feel, but there are some people who just don’t care! These people will learn someday, I hope.

I remember, to this day, the source of my “misunderstanding”. I was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. I was only eight years old and along with my birthday came the whole package of my new future. At that time, I didn’t understand everything. I thought the twitching would go away someday. But as the years passed, it worsened. Fast forward to my sixth grade year when the tormenting began.

I was the victim of those who “misunderstood.” Once I entered seventh grade the brutal remarks, the mockery, the whole spiel revered up. I’d come home everyday torn to pieces, not knowing what I should do.

I considered myself a “misfit.” Another few years passed and finally my tenth grade year brought hope. However, the bullies that tormented me in earlier grades were still on my case. I stood strong and when I had to twitch, I did. I wasn’t about to stop something I couldn’t control for them. That year went great. That summer, the summer of 2007, I made a lot more friends.

Finally I’m a senior and happier than ever. Most importantly, I “understand” myself. The “package” I received when I was eight is now an honor and privilege. I’m proud to say it’s me. I’m prepared for college and my Tourettes has calmed down. I’m ready to take on new challenges and new “packages”, if need be. I was given this complication for a reason, and it wasn’t for people to ‘misunderstand’, but to eventually understand. My major reason is to complete my mission. This I believe is me. This I believe is what may come to me…