Music: The Most Powerful Art

Lindsay - Taylor, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

This I believe: music is the most powerful form of art. Ever since I can remember, music has dominated my life. While I don’t have a voice for music, and those who know me would agree, I do have a reliable ear. Words, so powerful alone, multiply with melody. Obviously poetry, painting, and 3-dimensional art, are significant also, but music has the power to incorporate many different senses.

We hear music pulsating through our mother’s womb. My love for music began even before I entered this world. I remember being a little girl, sitting in front of my big, plastic beauty salon singing into my hairbrush like a rock star. Though I am a young adult now, I still have those dreams, but they have matured into something more than glamour. These childhood memories helped build my dreams. I remember those songs. I believe music can reach deep into a person’s heart, and to their soul.

I believe music is the most the most versatile art. It is visual, oral, and tactile. I feel a deep passion for the art of music and undying respect for artists. When I relate to a song, it becomes a part of me. I believe everyone has deeply connected to at least one song in their lifetime. I know from personal experience, in times of worry or doubt, the right song gives me strength to get past that time.

Music can influence a person’s attitude. This brings me to believe that music works miracles. I know there are people who are given hope through the uplifting lyrics of a single song, because I am one of them. It’s the most beautiful form of communication. It’s something I feel should be prominent in everyone’s life. It can make one feel joy, pain, laughter, and love. It unveils one’s innermost feelings, and desires. Music is true. Music is what I believe in.