This I Believe

Mimi - Taylor, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

What time is it? It is time to live your life to the fullest. Time is the most precious gift anyone is ever given. You are only given so much time in life. Do not waste a single second of it. If you do, it will be gone before you know it and there will be nothing left except you, wishing there was more time.

Do not let time pass you by. Do not miss an opportunity because chances are you will not get a second chance.

Time is such a beautiful thing, but it is also my biggest fear. I am not afraid of much. In fact, I fear only two things: fear itself and time. I fear not having enough time, to be me, to tell all the people I love that I love them, or to sit peacefully without being bothered.

I have seen people run out of time in life. My dad ran out of time at the early age of forty-two. He left without saying I love you one last time; he left without dropping my sister and me off at school that sunny morning. He left without finishing his can of Pepsi on his desk, but most importantly, he left his two young daughters behind without a father. He ran out of time and now, he is missing most of my life. He missed my first girl/boy party and my first formal dance. He will miss my senior prom and graduation. He will miss my wedding day and the birth of his grandchildren. How does someone deal with that?

Someday, my children will ask me why they do not have two grandfathers, like the rest of the kids in their class. I will have to tell them that he died long before they were thought of.

I refuse to let that be me. I will not let myself leave this earth with things unfinished. I am going to do the things I want NOW, not later, because there may not be a later. Life is here and now. What time do you have?