This I Believe

Ying - Syracuse, New York
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

We should never delay and always do things in time and on time, even for those things which we assume not so important. When people meet some kind of trouble, if it is not so severe, people always tell themselves, that it is not a big deal, I can do it later. Just two month ago, I hold the same belief with other person. I always think that if something is not so important and emergent, I can put it off until last minute. At that time, I always lack time because at last moment, I have so many things to do—Electromagnetic homework, complex function homework, some paper need to be read, some work assigned by boss, etc. I never have enough time to do work and I also can’t find any of my own time to do my own interested things, like sleeping, reading, playing cards, watching movie, playing badminton. I am always busy running after time. Although I was lucky enough at that time that I could always submit my work on time, I feel so exhausted in my life. Things began changing until two months ago.

Story begins with my new car. Two month ago, I bought a new car, at that time, the original owner told me that the wiper of the car was not in good condition, if possible I should change it as soon as possible, or else, it will scrap my front window. I checked the wiper and found that it still can work except making some disturbing noise. So I think it is not a big deal, anyway, I do not need to use the wiper every day because it is not possible that it will have rain every day. One day a week later, which was a rainy day, I went home from the lab. As the rain is not very heavy, so instead of using the wiper continuously, I did not use the wiper until my front window was totally hazy and I could not see anything. It was already very late in the night; there were not a lot of cars in the street. So although I could not see very far and also I could not see very clearly, I still had sort of a blind confidence in my driving until a deer rushed out of the corner suddenly. The minute I saw the deer, I pressed the brake immediately. But it was still too late. And it hit on the right side of my car so heavy, I even can feel that there is a huge concussion of my car. I got out of my car instantly and checked my car; I found that my right mirror was broken into many pieces. And some dents were created. This is only the beginning of the bad things. After this, a series of bad things come one by one. I was caught by the police for my car did not have right mirror, and got a ticket before I took my car to the auto-mechanic for repair, and my washer-fluid tank was found broken. Some problem of serpentine belts also came out as a consequence. I suffered a total loss of 1000 dollars. The moment I paid the money, I felt so regretted that if I could change the wiper at the beginning, I could use my wiper in the rain-storm. Then I could stop before the deer hit me. Then I will not be caught by police, and I will also save my money. The loss which is caused by the “wiper effect” is so huge that I can’t pretend that I do not care about it.

However after this accident, I learned from my experience that I do everything whatever it is important or not as soon as possible instead of delaying it again and again. I do my homework before the deadline, I pay my rent before deadline, and I prepare for my speech the night before. Surprisingly, my life became more organized and I am not always in short of time running after all my work. So the moral is do not delay your things, and do all your things as early as possible even those things which you think are not important. This is what I believe now.