This I Believe

Kim - Belmont, Michigan
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Whether I’m happy, sad, nervous, excited, angry, or hungry, there is one above all that knows just how to fulfill my needs. He calms me down, boosts me up, comforts my disheartened spirit, and satisfies my hunger, all by just being there. He has always been true to me. Never once has he let me down no matter how many times I try to refuse his kindness. He always seems to get me and know exactly what I’m going through. He has magic healing powers, and for these reasons I believe in Chocolate.

Normally, eating anything and everything provides an escape from the troubles life hands us. However, no food or beverage can compare to the satisfaction that chocolate brings. The bond between chocolate and I runs deeper than being merely a “comfort food”. I believe that there are great memories in my life that are associated with chocolate that I cannot get anywhere else.

Hot Cocoa. I remember Christmas break with my sister and our neighbors coming inside from sledding. We were tired from lugging our sleds and bodies through the snow, and freezing our skinny elementary school butts off. But as we trudged in the door and sipped the warm, satisfying, hot chocolate, all of our complaints disappeared.

M&M’s. I remember my best friends and me devouring bags at a time trying to catch them in our mouths; all the while trying to fall asleep. Nevertheless the candy kicked in soon and we were bouncing off the walls. Alyssa wouldn’t stop attempting to dance with us.

Party size snickers. I remember my friend and me watching old movies with the snickers in one hand and a box of Kleenex in the other. Covered in blankets lying on the floor we looked ridiculous, and didn’t even care.

These memories would not be complete without the crucial part the chocolate plays in them. Whether he is used for warming my soul, winding me up, or drying my tears, chocolate will always be there. For this, I believe in chocolate.