This I Believe

Ashley - Palm Desert, California
Entered on January 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe…

For centuries, music has excelled as an artistic way of expressing one’s self in song. From classical to rock, music has been able to relate to everyone in some form. Whether you play an instrument, write songs, or sing, you’re expressing your creative side. Since I was a little girl, music has certainly been a way of expressing myself, but most importantly, it has been a way of “popping out of my shell” so to speak. It gave me confidence to achieve my goals and aspirations with my head up high. Having come a long way since then, I have molded my character both mentally and socially. I believe in the music within myself because it has inspired me to be all that I can be without my fears getting the better of me.

Discovering my voice and love for singing in elementary school, it was my stage fright that prevented me from trying out for the school play “Annie.” However, it was my sister who believed in me and told me to take a risk, knowing the worst possible thing that could happen would be rejection. Being involved in an advanced choir at school, I have studied and learned the complexities of singing up to 8 part harmonies. It has been 3 years since our choir was invited to China. Never having been on a plane before, I was beginning to reconsider whether or not I wanted to travel 13 hours across the world. Taking another risk, I was able to travel to a distant country not once, but twice, traveling to Italy the next year. Experiences of a lifetime, China and Italy made me feel grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn of different cultures and ways of life.

My downfalls have given me strength to work harder and reach my goals. Having recently been diagnosed with Nodes, a straining of the vocal chords, I was faced with the possibility of never being able to sing again. Devastated, I felt defeated, knowing that the one thing I loved, and was talented at would be taken from me. Instructed to go on vocal rest for 2 months, I struggled communicating with people and was a bore to most of my friends. It was during this depressive, but reflective time in my life that I was able to reevaluate my life in terms of who I had become as well as where I was going to go in the future. If it be that I may never sing again, I could still look forward to all the wonderful things in my life to come and make the best out of every experience. My voice, now almost completely healed, has rejuvenated my outlook towards my future whether it’d be towards music or something else.

All in all, it is the music within me, the inner emotions I would let out through my singing as well as the fears I overcame which has significantly transformed me as a person.