This I Believe

Ramon - Des Peres, Missouri
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

I believe that words can hurt. In life people may say whatever they want, but sometimes what we say can hurt others.

It is always important to be nice and respectful towards other at all times even if it is difficult. Usually I watch what I say to others, and if I’m tempted to be mean to others I remember the golden rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

However, I haven’t always been that way. When I was younger I may have offended many people, but I remember one instance that made me reflect on my ways.

A few years ago I befriended a kid around my overall size. At the time I was fairly short. Having hit an early growth spurt, I hadn’t grown in a while. It had never occurred to me that a smaller kid may tend to be more susceptible to insults, and quite easily offended. On one particular occasion, my friend was becoming very annoying by constantly following me around and not giving me my personal space. One day on the bus ride home I finally told him how I felt. Unfortunately, so did the other kids surrounding us. The conversation went something like this:

“… that was so funny, have you ever seen that? Have you?!” my friend inquired.

“NO!! For the last time, leave me alone you’re getting to be really annoying!” I yelled.

“He means you’re annoying and he doesn’t want to be your friend anymore!” snapped a girl to our left.

After that things got quiet on the bus, and the ride home was awkward. I felt guilty after having said that to my friend, but at the same time I felt happy that I finally got that off of my chest. Later that night I got a phone call from my friend’s mom, saying that I had hurt his feelings very bad, and she explained how he had been bullied a lot when he was younger. I felt like throwing up after I found out how much of a jerk I had been.

It has taken many years to repair our friendship, and I learned a lesson form that experience. Now I defend my friend so now he doesn’t get picked on anymore. I also watch what I say to anybody because you never know whose feelings you’re going to hurt. I believe words can hurt.