This I Believe

Steve - Erie, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in Karma. The word Karma refers to the consequences of our actions, in other words what goes around comes around. This phrase basically states that you get what you deserve. If you are unkind or treat others badly, you will get treated badly in return. If you are kind and help others, in return you will be treated well yourself. If you steal you will be a victim of robbery or some type of thievery later in your life. There are many examples of karma in every day life. I believe in karma because of what I have experienced in my life as well as what I have seen happen in other people’s lives.

Through my experiences in my life so far I have become a firm believer in the idea of karma. Not long ago I was walking through the mall when I saw an elderly woman in front of me drop a five dollar bill out of her purse. I picked it up and I knew that if I kept it that the woman would never know that this occurred. However I decided to do what I felt was right and I caught up with her and told her how she had dropped the money out of her purse as I handed her the five dollar bill. She thanked me and unexpectedly handed me a ten dollar bill which she told me was for doing the right thing. This made me realize that if you do nice things for others; others will return the favor.

Another good example of karma that I have observed occurs in the movie Blow. The movie is based on a true story and shows how bad karma can occur. In the movie the main character makes millions and millions of dollars smuggling cocaine into the United States from Colombia. For a while he feels that he has everything in his life that he had ever wanted. However years later he gets busted by the FBI. In the end he loses the millions of dollars that he illegally made, his wife divorces him, his daughter doesn’t speak to him, his mother disowns him, and he ends up spending most of his life in prison. For a while he was living his dream and was a very wealthy man, but what goes around comes around and for doing the wrong thing he ends up living in misery. Considering the idea karma I guess you could say he got what he deserved.

I believe in karma and I see examples all of the time. In general I think back to kids that always seemed to be negative towards others and today they are feeling the effects of karma and are going through hard times themselves. Vice versa I think of kids who always tried to do the right thing and acted positive towards others. Today those people are generally living a better life. Seeing these examples sort of help me make better decisions in my life because I know my actions will have consequences later in my life.