This I Believe

Kimberly - Erie, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in finding acceptance and individuality. Every person in the world looks throughout their life for someone to believe in them and to see them as a perfect person. These struggles have their ups and downs and leave you facing emotions that do not belong in a human heart. These trials leave you with something more that people can see and relate to you.

When we are little kids and we start kindergarten, life seems fair and simple. You walk up to another kindergartner and say, “Hey can I play with you?” The next thing you know you two are best friends and feel like you have known each other your whole lives. This phase of easily made friends keeps going throughout elementary school. Then once you hit middle school and things about yourself begin to change, you start becoming an awkward adolescent and acceptance is not quiet as easy. Soon you are judged on how you look and what kind of clothes you wear. This judgment does not stop once you get passed all of those new changes and new experiences. In fact it can sometimes make it ten times as bad. Once you enter high school everything becomes about who you know, what you do, and where you are going in life.

All of the judging and being so worried about what the person behind you, or next to you thinks of you changes how you let people see yourself. I can honestly say I have had that problem, where I enter a situation and I judge the people and I react to them how I believe they think I should. To them I come on as this person that is exactly like them and can be their best friend, but in reality I am killing my own thoughts and disrupting my own heart. This breaks my individuality and gives me a completely fake look towards the people I am around. In the middle of the entire up-front person I pretend to be I can feel myself crashing in. everything falls apart including me, and I completely lose who I am. Everything can look brighter though, because once you let yourself be seen for who you really are you can find the acceptance that you really need. You’ll find everything that could possibly make your life worth living for, and being yourself make everything so much easier.

I believe that there needs to be a balance that keeps us in line, and that allows us to be who we are and face the battle of being accepted. Being accepted and feeling like your apart of something is an amazing feeling, but when you are not being yourself it does not have quiet the same affect. So find yourself then worrying about how everyone looks at you. If you do not know how to accept yourself, then how is anyone really supposed to be able to accept you?