This I Believe

Brianna - Des Moines, Iowa
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

I am the oldest of four children, twelve years older than the youngest. As my

brother Ben has grown over the past seven years, I have been shown how a child views the world.

While love can seem to have a complexity to adults, in the eyes of my brother there is nothing complicated about it. We tend to cling to our loves, even if they have moved on. I know following my first break-up and heartbreak i was clinging to my ex for dear life. I changed myself so that he would love me and tried to make him come back to me. The last place I was expecting to get love advice from was my five year old brother, yet it was some of the best advice I have ever received.

“If you love someone you have to tell them, and if they don’t love you back you

can’t make them. You have to just accept it and find someone else.”

These words are spoken like a man many years my brother’s senior, yet they apply to everyone’s life at one time or another. Eventually we all experience heartbreak and we all learn that moping around and dwelling on the past, on what could have been, doesn’t make us feel better. If only we could all see love through the eyes of a child.

Faith can be a struggle for most adults from time to time. We often can’t find the words when we kneel to pray, and when we do find our knees we are driven by disaster, hardship, pain or suffering. More often than not we are driven by our own, selfish needs and rarely to give thanks. Every Sunday my family eats lunch together at my Grandparent’s house and Ben blesses the food. As I listen I am almost always amazed at how easy the words come to him. It is like he is talking to a good friend, carrying on an everyday conversation. One Sunday we were celebrating my mom’s birthday and Ben gave the blessing,

“Thank you God for giving me such a good mom. Thank you for the flowers outside. And, um God? Thank you for the food because I am getting really hungry. And

thank you God for getting Mom one year closer to death, to being with you.”

The prayer was so simple, and to be honest, the bluntness made us all laugh, yet it wasn’t meant to be humorous. He doesn’t stumble with his words, doesn’t approach faith scared or intimidated. If only we could all know the faith of a child.

A childs’ view of the world can be so simple and nieve, yet they are usually on to something. If only we could all sit back and uncomplicate our lives. To take away the confusion surrounding love and love freely with no inhibitions. If only we could approach faith with the certainty and confidence that a child has. To be able to see the world through the eyes of a child would be the greatest gift of all.