This I Believe

Andrew - Minnesota
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Haven’t you always wanted a break from all the stress in your life? I have. I’ve also found an easy way to do this. My simple solution is just to get out of town and do something different. This quickly relieves the stress which you may pick up from school, work, or just the world in general.

Imagine yourself sitting in math class. Listening to the never-ending flow of “knowledge” flowing out of the teacher’s mouth. You’re being forced to take down notes on some formula that you think won’t help you outside of tonight’s homework. You are getting a pretty good grade in that class, but you don’t want to be in that dungeon for one more second. Wouldn’t a nice weekend at a lake cabin in the summer sound nice? No one forcing you to listen to the gentle waves crashing down on the sandy beach. Nothing holding you back from falling asleep whenever you please. No need to take notes on your brother trying to water ski. This is the kind of relaxation that we need.

This I believe because of Alaska. I was able to travel with my dad to the beautiful state of Alaska this summer. It is so relieving to walk out of that airport and see the towering mountains and never-ending oceans. You can already feel how away from everything. No one to follow your tail on the freeway, no teacher droning on and on and on, and no swim coach telling you to redo everything!

Once we got down into the main part of our journey, we could tell that people were there just to have a good time. They didn’t need to get up every morning and worry that someone would be calling them and telling them to meet two blocks away for coffee, because most of the time you might have to drive 20 miles for coffee. Fishing is the main source of entertainment up there, followed by sightseeing. When you fish, there is a lot of competition for a spot, but other than that you have almost nothing to lose. I believe that this is a very good way to relieve stress because you can’t lose very much, and it gives opportunities that nothing else could. You get a chance to meet people that you couldn’t anywhere else. You get a chance to see nature like you see on TV. You can catch your own weight in $20 per pound salmon.

Finally, I need to ask you, would you rather listen to a teacher for hours and hours, or see the world as something different.