This I Believe

Jessica - Everson, Washington
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humility, illness

I believe in the supreme power of scars. Wacky huh? I bet you view scars as imperfections, things to be ignored, inconsequential. That all might be true if you only have a few scars from who knows what. That all changes if you have big scars, noticeable scars, scars people ask about. Scars that mean something to you, that you remember getting. Then scars become more than just marks on your body. They become more than just imperfections on your skin.

When I was six weeks old they discovered my heart wasn’t operating as it should. That’s when I had open heart surgery. That surgery (the first) was to fix the hole in my heart. The second one was because I had a collapsed artery. The doctors went in and were able to cut out the part of the artery that was collapsing. As a result, I have two large scars and many much smaller scars from all the tubes and stuff they had to put in me.

Scars teach you important life lessons that no one else can. It’s hard to worry about looking the best in your new bikini when you have a huge scar on your stomach and back and numerous other small scars. Then you just worry about making sure they get tanned too (I never realized until a couple years ago, but scars do indeed tan). You also learn early how useless and time wasting self pity is. You can never get rid of the scars so why bother just sitting around bemoaning something you can’t change? Then you’d just end up watching your life go by and be too miserable to join in. Self pity also gets rather monotonous. Nothing to do but pity yourself.

Even having small scars (which I also have in abundance) can play some sort of role in your life. They’re like declarations of how you were as a child, wild, care free, clumsy. Scars also present you with a way to remember certain events in your childhood. Adventures, good ideas gone bad and stupid things you don’t want to do again. For instance, once when I was doing dishes, I was drying the beef jerky racks. I wasn’t being careful, and ended up cutting myself with the thing. I’ve still got the scar from it. It reminds me to be careful around things that might not appear to be sharp or dangerous, but actually are. It also reminds me not to goof of while doing the dishes.

My belief in scars has taught me how do deal with major, or not so major things that happen in my life. I wouldn’t fall apart because something unusual happens. I’d know how to deal with it and make the most of the opportunities that life gives you. I believe in scars, because with out them, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today.