This I Believe

Guadalupe - chicago, Illinois
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

There are many kinds of dreams, American Dream, dream about your

Ambition, day dream, and night dream. I believe that dream influences the

Emotion to be hopeful, hopeless, and amusing. When I was in my country, I

didn’t understand why people talked about American Dream. I would always

ask myself what’s an American dream. When my family and I came here I

Realized the meaning of this word. Billions of people would come here from

Other countries to suffer and work hard just to do there business here. They

Earn lots of money and spend money for everything they want. They spend

Their lives in the way they couldn’t do or couldn’t be in their countries.

Therefore American Dream has the power to influence people to work or

Study harder in order to reach their goals. Dream about ambition, I have a

Dream about my ambition. One day I hope to get my medical degree. I hope

I will be an accountant in the near future. I hope my dream will come true,

But before that happens I know that I have to work hard enough to reach

What I want to be.

The dream of my ambition pulls me to come to school especially at eight

O’clock in the morning even I don’t like to get up early in the Winter Quarter.

Day and night dreams make me amusing or sometimes make me feel upset

Because my dream wasn’t what I really waned it to dream or just because it

Wasn’t the way I wanted it to be. If I had bad dream, I fell down and I think

That only person that could only change my dream it’s my self. It was

Warning me to do everything careful in that day. Sometimes I have day

Dream. Even my eyes opened, my mind went somewhere. When my mind

Came back, it made me amusing. I believe that any kind of dreams has the

Power to influence our lives. It gives the emotion of hopeful, hopeless, and

Amusing. I believe that no one can interpret your dreams better than Yourself!