This I Believe

Virginia - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In life mistakes are allowed, not learning from them is not. I’d never learned right off my first mistake nor the second. I’m very hardheaded and this puts me in situations that go from bad to worse. Being this way, at the end this loved one’s trust, friendship and support was lost because I just didn’t know how to show my appreciation and at times I took him for granted, that was my far worse mistake.

Funny how life works, if you don’t play it right game over. He was one of the best influence in my life. He was the type of person who would be there to listen to you and try his best to give you advice and see a smile on your face. He was never fake, instead he was very nice. Not many of my so called friends understood me better than he did. In life you’ll always need that one person you’ll run up to, to talk, cry and let it all out after an awful situation. He was that kind of friend. He was always there to give me the best advice and cheer me up. Even when he didn’t know what to say he would find a way to make me smile.

This person is the true definition of a caring and understanding friend. Not only was he helpful friend but also friendly, kind and charming, but his goofiness can brighten up anyone’s day. If I’d ever had family problems he would say anything to make me laugh. Putting up a smile on anyone’s face and making them laugh ‘till they feel they can’t breath no longer, it’s the medicine to happiness. I think the most fun I had with him was on summer time when we would gather up with our friends and got to the movie theater.

Many times I would just ignore his advices, no matter how encouraging they could of have been. I guess I ignored him because I was very stubborn, I just didn’t want to hear the truth; truth hurts. I remember once I was very upset at my dad because he would pamper my younger sister. He wanted me let her borrow my Nintendo DS but I didn’t want to because she was being very bratty to me. So he send me to my room and for me to stay there. I was very mad so I called him crying and he told me not to let him manipulate me and go back out my room. And of course I didn’t. I always wanted to do things my way but my way hurt me more emotionally. Eventually I learned you don’t always get all at once in life. And obviously due to my behavior little by little I was pushing him away.

That day came when he confronted me and all he said to me hurt me so bad that each and every word was cruel, I felt like my world was being torn apart by words. His words were too strong calling me out my name saying I was a hardheaded selfish person. He was just out of it, angry as a beast I’d never knew. Of course things after that weren’t the same. There wasn’t much trust and most of the time was arguments over the silliest things. I wish I could take it all back. I know I can’t because for a reason everything in life happens. We learn and learn how to not do it again. We use our mistakes as an example to help other who are going trough the same situation. No matter how awful a situation may be, maybe it’s the light that opens up your eyes for a better change and a hint to reality.

I just would want him to know I’m so very sorry for how I acted. I’ve learned from my good and bad. His friendship is something I would look back to and think twice before I do or say something. I was once told that “knowledge is speaking, wisdom is listening”, and nest time I know if I’m given advice I’m to listen to them carefully and thankful to that individual and let them know their help is appreciated.

I believe that when an individual has that wonderful, caring person in their life, they shouldn’t take them for granted, because at the end you’ll end up with nothing but guilt. Appreciate them; love them as much as you can because tomorrow isn’t promised. Listening is the best thing you could do before running your mouth or doing an act.