This I Believe

ryan - McMinnville, Oregon
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe that wakeboarding is a way of life.

Every other weekend I slip into my blue board shorts and endure the long drive to either Lake Billy Chinook, or Hagg Lake. As I step into the boat a feeling of adrenaline comes over me as I feel the spray from the water hitting my skin. When it comes time to adjust the bindings around my feet the nerves have fled with each wave that crashes on top of the other. As I jump into the water it feels like knives stabbing a cutting board. I wait for the boat to pull me out of the abyss and when it finally happens all my thoughts and worries go away. Most of the time I’m like a shark, quick and steady. But sometimes I’m like a flounder slow and uncoordinated. After awhile the muscles in my legs start to hurt and I let go of the rope, like I’m letting go of the support. My body falls into the water and I swim to the boat, like it’s my life saver. I pull myself out of the water and take off my lifejacket, as if I was shredding myself of the trick that I just failed.

Sometimes I feel like I am the best wake boarder on the lake and that I am going to nail everything that I attempt. And some times I feel like it is my first time and I am falling through the whole thing.

So in conclusion this I believe that everyone should try gliding in a wake on a 2 inch board of plastic. This I believe, that wakeboarding is a way of life.