The American Dream

Mufid - Urbandale, Iowa
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The American dream is to have a good education, good income or good job, a family and a big house. I definitely believe this is possible if one wants it. One can have it all in America. It just depends on how hard you try. My advice is that one has to strive for excellence and challenge one’s self to accomplish the best work one can do. I came from a country that was torn apart by war and I firmly believe that this country offers many opportunities to all. Unfortunately, some people don’t chose to take advantage of the opportunity offered and decide to go to work right after high school graduation. This I believe limits there potential greatly.

When I and my family left Bosnia to escape the war it was very difficult for us to leave because we left everything there. We left our extended family where my father had nine brothers and one sister and my mother had one brother. We were the only ones who escaped the war. It was difficult for me and my family because when we moved to Germany, life was hard in the beginning because we didn’t speak their language and we were in immigration visa status where we had limited access to education and were only able to work for four hours each day if the state approved it.

After living in Germany for a while, I learned the language and tried hard in school, but it was time for us to go because our visa was close to expiring and we did not have a house back in Bosnia any more. The town where we lived was taken by Serbian army and the house was destroyed and burned to the ground, leaving nothing. I remember my father saying that we would stay at our uncle’s house for a couple of years until my father could build a roof over our heads.

Something special came to me. I always dreamed of going to America because when I was a little boy I loved watching the Jean Claude Van Damme movies. Most of his movies were filmed in Los Angles and I also watched Walker, Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris. One day my father took me to the Berlin library and showed me pictures of the United States and I know that it was where I wanted to live.

Just as we were preparing to leave Germany a notice came by mail and said that President Bill Clinton had approved a bill for Bosnian refuges living in Germany allowing them to apply and immigrate to America. I believe in the American dream. The American dream means that if I work hard, I can make my dream come true. America is the land of opportunity and I plan to take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered.

Opportunities that I did not have in my homeland because of the Balkan conflict in 1992. In my homeland, education before the war was limited and poor according to my father. Now it is even bigger issue because of even more limited opportunities. The educational system suffered greatly because of the war. It was not a priority and many schools are still closed.

I believe that education is one of the most important factors in an individual’s life. It is an opportunity of self satisfaction as it drives me towards my goals to graduate from Grand View College and attend medical school here in The States. How will I accomplish this dream? I will by working hard, being organized, focusing on my goals and being educated, I will ensure my future happiness and success. Being in this class on the Grand View College campus studying philosophy is all part of this American dream, This I Believe.