This I Believe

Paul - Erie, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe

I believe in hard work and determination. These qualities have been a major part of my life and have helped me succeed at everything I do. I have applied these two qualities to school, jobs, and sports. Because I have worked so hard at all three of these my future goals and dreams are pretty achievable.

I am a senior this year and have just been accepted to college. I applied to three different schools, and because of all the hard work I put into school I was accepted into all three schools. I was able to maintain a 98% GPA and never get anything less than a B on a report card. This was not easy, but because of my hard work and help from my parents I was able to do it. I also had to discipline myself to study every night to keep my grades up. I knew that if they started slipping there would be strict penalties from my parents.

Hard work and determination also played another big role in my life. I have had a job since I was in ninth grade. My first job was with a landscaping company and I still do this every summer. I get paid under the table, so I make good money, and have been saving since I started working. I definitely have to earn the money though. It can be very hot during the summer and when you have to work outside in that heat for eight hours it really gets to you. All that time I knew that I was earning good money and it would benefit me. One of these benefits was my car. My car gave me freedom. It also meant I could be with my friends a lot more and we could go different places without worrying about rides. I also benefited from this job because I was able to save money for college. This was a major benefit because college is very expensive, so I knew I had to start working even if I did not want to.

Hard work and determination have also helped me excel in a major part of my life, sports. Everybody knows sports require hard work and determination, but I know that I put my all into every sport I play. This is especially true of hockey. I have been playing hockey for thirteen years and hope to continue playing in college. In order to do that I will have to work harder than I ever have. I started last year when, instead of playing baseball, I went to a hockey camp in Buffalo. I didn’t really like going, but I knew I had to. I didn’t like going because we had to go to Buffalo on a school night. This made school more difficult because I would not get home until after midnight. I also did not have any friends there. All the other players had played together on a team so I was always the odd man out. Through it all I was able to finish the camp and it really helped me become a better hockey player.

Overall hard work and determination have really helped me achieve great things in life. Whether it was school, work, or sports I was always able to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. I always know that there are people working harder than me so this just pushes me to work even harder to prepare for the challenges that lay ahead.