This I Believe

Anthony - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Money Isn’t Everything…

When I was little, yeah I can say that I had it all, so did my mom and my sister. My dad gave us everything we wanted no matter how much it cost. He didn’t work, he was a fulltime hustler. Yeah we were happy because we had a lot of stuff that other people didn’t have but we were sad because he wasn’t there for us like he was suppose to.

What’s the point in having stuff money can buy when you aren’t really happy? Everything changed when my father got locked up at the time. We were sad at the fact that he wasn’t with us, but my mom said that we had to move on. At first it was hard for us but after a while we got use to it.

After a few years, he was released but my mom didn’t want to be with him anymore because the love wasn’t the same anymore. But she still let us see him, she didn’t keep that away. My mom had been working for a while already. We didn’t have it all like we use to but we were a happy family.

It’s like when people join into gangs they do it because they are not getting the love in their house from their family or they need money. Of course there going to get the stuff that they need to make money like marijuana and cocaine but they hate being on the street hustling, doing what they got to do. Ok, so they might go and become a gang member just for the money but look at the consequences, you can end up in prison, getting shot, or killed.

Money can’t buy you happiness or love, but it can buy you the things you want. People forget who they are, they forget about their family and friends when it comes down to money. Money is blind; it can make you do stupid things to make a few dollars. It can not get you the better things in life. Money is just something people wish to have, just like I wish to have it too but I won’t put anything in front of what I have and that is a great life with a great family and great friends and loved ones. I believe that money isn’t everything.