This I Believe

Philip - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

I believe that guns should be taken off the streets because they are dangerous. So many children have list their lives from gun violence. it just not older people now it younger ones to. I wonder how many people will vote think guns off the streets should be taken off the streets so the children can have a future

go to school, and get a good education. So they can be somebody in life. If they take guns off the

Streets they l be sold on the street by the police that we trust with our own live they just won’t to

Make a profit. The reason that I think guns should be taking off the street is because people every day

A couple of year ago a close friend got shot and killed for defending his mom

One day his mom got into it with an a gang banger because he did not move

Out off the way, so they started arguing then He got out and he started

To take up for his mother then some weeks went by and I had came from home school one

And my mother told me that one of my friends died when I asked who! She said

Frank It felt like my heart droppers so I started to cry.

I went down to my room and I did not won’t to be bothered with anybody

I think guns should be taking off the streets because people would be safer

And kids wont be able bring gun from home or off the street into the school building

And we wont hear about it on the news and on the street.