“Questions and no answers”

Yarely - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: question

I believe in asking questions without any answers. I believe in staying in doubt.

The world around is cruel, makes me wonder is the world fair?

My parents arguing everyday over the same thing. Money, money, money. Do we really need money to survive, isn’t love all we need to have to keep on with our lives?

Hurricanes, tornadoes, storms etc. Do these disasters mean the world is going to have an end? In a way I have a feeling it would but just not quite yet. The world is going to end little by little that’s why all these disasters are happening around us.

Is god that made this world being fair with everybody’s life? God a supreme being that’s powerful and all good. Why has he made evil in the world? Ever since my best boy got killed by a drive by a lot of thoughts that have no explanations have been running through my mind: god, world, death

It makes me realize life is short and we have to “live it to the fullest without any regrets”. But are there such things as no regrets? When we die is there an “after life”? People think I’m crazy or just a psycho because I think about death. I think it’s normal because no matter what, there has to be an end to life! No one lives forever. I asked everyone what they believe and the questions or point of views about life? Many of those people do believe in “after life” but many don’t and I’m still in the same place where I started, having no answers, and more questions.

My mom tried to explain to me that “after life” didn’t exist but that every time somebody died before it went inside the cemetery the soul and spirit would fly away to heaven or hell. Now my question was does heaven or hell exist?

I believe in myself and learning from my mistakes. That if after life existed it would give me a second chance to do the right things I had to do. Wishing that my soul and spirit would go to heaven. I believe in having questions but not always getting the right answers. This is what I believe.