This I Believe

Luis - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

Honestly, can anyone really be in the state of happiness? I don’t believe so. Happiness is a state where I believe everybody is trying to pursuit. In a world today where success, money, and power are the essence of being happy, it seems impossible for that to happen. Those three things I named our an addiction. After you have success, get all the money you wanted, and receive that power, you will always want more.

I believe the words of Thomas Jefferson says it all “ Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Clearly he knows something we don’t because that whole phrase would’ve sounded just fine with just the word happiness, but with the addition of pursuit it changes the whole meaning of the phrase. He knew happiness is impossible to obtain in a world where greed is all around us. There are too many obstacles in this world and for someone to have not one problem in there life seems ridiculously impossible.

So since there isn’t an ending point for happiness where do we find it? I believe it’s in the pursuit. As we are on our “road to happiness” its when we overcome something difficult where we find and appreciate happiness the most. Happiness is never as sweet if there isn’t a hard obstacle to overcome. The joy of prevailing from something that seems impossible is much sweeter then having something handed to you. Having said that positive thinking is a necessity when it comes to being happy. The will and confidence to prevail overshadows any negativity that surrounds you. There is no way someone can overcome a problem with negative thinking.

All these thing I have said tie into my relationship with baseball in high school. There is never a day when everything is perfect. There are injuries, grades, even something little like a lefty righty match up. There are so many situations that put the odds against me. And there is never a point where I am completely satisfied. We may win one day but individually I had a terrible game and vice versa. I am never fully satisfied with the outcome. I am my own critique and even when I am at my best and everything is positive, I always find a negative. Even though things might not ever be perfect, I always stay positive. And even when I do overcome the odds and I find myself happy it’s only temporarily. Reality is that their our many more obstacles to come.

So even with these “bumps in the road” you have to remain positive and remember happiness is on the other side. But also keep in mind that happiness will never have an ending point because it is a journey and its everlasting.