This I Believe

Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30


It all depends on the decisions you make in life. He hangout with the wrong persons and decided to do bad things and now he’s paying the consequences. He’s under house arrest and now he thinks back and hope he would never been there. Also thinks what would happen to him in life and what would happen to his family when he won’t be around. The worst part of all is that he is that he is the oldest of a brother and a sister of months. I asked him if he don’t care about his family because his brothers are just starting to get a taste of life. I always talk to him and try to make him think of himself in the future so he will stop doing what he is doing now and try to start fresh again since he is still young. But now that I see his situation it would be a little complicated because he’s apart of a gang which there’s many consequences if you want to get out. He said to me that the only way he’ll get out of gangbanging will be if he had a kid. I told him that he doesn’t need a kid to get out of gangs tat he should think of his family and specially his brothers that are little and are expecting him to be their role model. It makes him think but since his friends are around he changes the way of thinking which I think that he doesn’t want his friends to see his weak spot and his friends think of him that he is brave to confront anybody. It only took one night and a few hours for his life to change. That night a storm came upon him. It takes one little stupid decision for all of it to come apart. That night he was hanging out with his friends and they decided to consume alcohol they were drunk, so they decided to whoop on somebody. A few hours later when he was with his friends in a car the police officers took them away because of what they had done earlier that night. His mother thinking his son is an innocent child which she doesn’t know what’s going around her son. That night he got arrested and taken to the police station. They let them go hours later because they didn’t had enough evidence. The police officers were getting the evidence together and they were sent to court. Expecting to go back home and to get a haircut after court but it wasn’t possible for him because he was taken to prison hat instant. The worst part for him was that he wasn’t able to say goodbye to his mother. All of decisions he made in life were wrong and I hope he learns from his mistakes. He was also kicked out of a dancing group because he was involve I gangs. He will bring problems to the club and they might think they are also involved in gangs. He was in prison for about three weeks; he tells me how his experience in prison was. He told me that the worst part of all was when he had to say goodbye to his family especially to his mother when visiting time was over. He will always break in tears and hope he wouldn’t ever do that to his mother. Everything he did has consequences and how his facing them. That’s why I BELIEVE YOU CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY because the decisions you make in life have consequences. That’s why don’t do anything that later you’ll regret.