This I Believe

Francis - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My birthday is August 8, I might not remember my birth, but I know my parents brought me in this world for a reason; they wanted another child after my sister. My mom had two miscarriages and wanted more then just one child which is my sister Jasmine, so she had me, I was another blessing that god blessed my parents with. I’ve been through a lot over the years as a child and a teenager. As a child I always wanted to try new things,

I always had scrapped knees, and tears always running down my face. Grammer school wasn’t so bad; I have many friends that I still talk to this day. I’ve noticed a lot about people over the years, how people try to become part of the crowd, its crazy how people try to become something there not. People I used to call my friends became to be fake, and untrue, when they promised they wouldn’t do you wrong. But everyone says that’s just life, and life is about taking risks, but in the end they lose the people who really care about them.

High school, the time of the biggest mistakes and heart breaks a teenage girl can go through. So many people in my school are so fake, yet so popular, how is that possible? I don’t understand how you can be friends with fake people. Freshmen year I met this one girl in my algebra class, we became good friends about a month later, so I remember we started to hang out becoming even better friends, next thing you know we considered each other “sisters”. That went on till about the ending of junior year, until we met our boyfriends, we got along in the beginning until her boyfriend decides to take complete control over her. Sure everyone’s boyfriends aren’t perfect, but I thought sisters stuck together? I guess I was wrong. I trusted this girl so much, I never expected her to change for her boyfriend. But like I said in the beginning life is about taking chances, what can I do about that? It’s the truth isn’t it?

Well it’s my senior year now, and I’ve decided to be the bigger person and talk to her, and find out what really happened. I wrote her a note giving her my number and I told her to text me, or to call me, pretty much to feel free to do whatever she wanted. So she texted me asking me what happened, so I began asking questions about what had happened, but she had a point, and asked me why I stopped talking to her and why didn’t I come to her before and talk to her about it, and so I told her that I heard she was putting my business out there in the open, and I found it kind of hard to believe that she didn’t tell anyone about what I told her because she was there only person that I truly trusted to hold my secrets. Finally we got our issues out the way, and we both apologized to each other, so now were slowly trying to develop our friendship again. Although it won’t be the same, but it doesn’t hurt to try and work things out to try and get to where we left off at. Its about to be a new year, and I personally had plenty of time to get over things. I can’t put all the blame on her because she had a point, I should have went to her to talk about it, instead of breaking off such a good bond me and she both had. But it seems to me, that was like a test, and that just proves to show that I can overcome such obstacles, when it comes to a situation like that.

This I believe, I believe that people should stay true to themselves, and try not to break something up with out having a for sure reason to why it happened. You learn to how get over things and become a better person once you learn how to do things the right way. I believe that I can overcome obstacles my life has in store for me.