This I Believe

Saul - El Paso, Texas
Entered on January 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, legacy

I believe in destiny. I believe in this because my grandfather had passed away three days before I was born. My parents had it set for months that my name would be David Benjamin but that wasn’t the case anymore when December 22 came around. That was a day I never went through but a day that I will never forget for I have had strangers telling me that my grandfather’s death was truly a sad day for El Paso. My grandpa was not an astronaut or a pro football player, he was himself. He was a man who lived life by giving his life to others. He was a man who sacrificed everything for an orphan he did not know. My grandfather lived an unselfish life for I believe it was destiny that he had passed away on December 22 so I would receive his name. That one day that I will carry on his name and build upon it with the actions I have done and will do to keep the integrity of our name living. That one day again El Paso will hear the name Saul Kleinfeld buzzing through the streets.

It was destiny that he died three before I was born for the Jewish people don’t name after living relatives. It was destiny that a few years later that El Paso named a street after him in honor of him. It was destiny that he was voted into the UTEP wall of fame where his plaque was posted. It is destiny that I have had people who come up to me who knew my grandfather and tell me that they see him in me. It is destined to be that I will live my name out to the fullest for it was destiny that I had been named after him.