Mutual Respect and Equality: A Better World

Logan - Kennebunk, Maine
Entered on January 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

I believe that by treating all equally and with mutual respect, this can clear up problems and bad situations. It should be like somebody is blind from stereotypes and cultural differences. It’s amazing what respect can do for each other. This falls under the category of doing the “right thing”. A person can’t see what people look like or what they do when they are “blind”, but a person judges another on how they treat one and one can truly understand another based just on their character. When this belief is questioned in my life, I just pretend I am blind and find a solution.

One major event that sticks out, when this belief was tested was last year at a recess. All the boys were playing football and we were picking teams. The same kids got picked over and over again every game because they were the “best”. I was the captain that day, so I got to choose the team. I noticed some of the “bad” players looking sad every time they got picked last in earlier games, so I wanted to give them a chance to play, even if it was for just one day. Right then and there I pretended I was blind and chose the people not based on talent, but because they all deserved a chance to play because it was every ones’ recess, not just the “good players’” recess. Even though we didn’t win (and I knew we wouldn’t, but didn’t care), all of my teammates had fun and just enjoyed being able to be a part of a group they are usually not included in. After that recess, I viewed more people on an even playing ground because they didn’t do anything to become less of a person, and they all deserved to be among their classmates. Players on the other team laughed at me for doing this, because they never would and they probably never thought of doing so, but I know that deep inside the kids whom I picked were happier just because that was one of the first times they were viewed as equal and not too small, or too bad, or not cool enough. From then on out, I noticed some of my classmates, whom I picked, spreading what I showed to them: people can treat each other equally and it is very easy. These people are still kept out of some things, but in my mind they are the same as everyone else.

Just this little act of giving an opportunity and a chance to fit in for others is very much so like “paying it forward”. My belief of treating everyone equally and showing some respect won’t stop world hunger or end all wars right away, but it’s a start. Not only should people respect each other, they should also help them out and be a good friend.