This I Believe

Taylor - Tacoma, Washington
Entered on January 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I believe that ambition is just as great as intelligence. There are many smart people in the world. They can grow up to be very successful, and turn out to be scientists or engineers. But I think the key to success is to have ambition. Growing up, I was taught by my mother and father to try my hardest, and to give my all. My brother is very intelligent. He was a straight A student, and the Valedictorian at his high school last year. From my parents, I learned that book smarts are not everything. I try my best in school, and I succeed too. I don’t get straight A’s, but I do well. I work for my dreams. I believe that the will power to drive you to success is worth the great life ahead. I have many goals and dreams in life that I am working to reach.

Knowledge is power. America is becoming lazier. If we don’t stop that, and work harder, then I think as a society we will fall. Ambition and intelligence work hand in hand. Both put together are a work of art. People are not necessarily born smart, they just work smart. I think work builds strength. Hard workers learn from mistakes and are far from perfect. I think if I were a human Barbie, and had the chance to be rebuilt, I would want to be mostly made of ambition. Ambition is my life. I feel the need to try to succeed.

Life is hard, and sometimes throws curveballs your way. Life is damaged many times and ripped into pieces. I believe that with ambition, you can get through those painful hard times. Having ambition is not looking at the world optimistically. You will travel on rough roads in life, some are fixable and some are not. Trying to fix the hardships doesn’t necessarily require intelligence. I think ambition is the key. Some people need a little push. That’s ok. I have people in my life that help. My family has had a great impact on what I am today. They helped me learn that trying is a great skill to have. They helped me come to my belief that ambition can be just as good as intelligence.

Being ambitious or intelligent is not cool, these people are sometimes called “nerds”. I don’t think intelligence is a bad thing at all. They’re trying. I see teens at my school slacking off in class. They are considered cool kids. I think most of them are lazy and lack ambition. They most likely have the intelligence, but they don’t use it. Many smart students I see are not always intelligent. They just don’t give up. This is great to see. People need to apply themselves, and they’d get further than a wiser person. Average people could have the ambition to do their best. Most people in the world are average, but they can still grow up to be successful. This is what I believe.