This I Believe

Katana - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Hearts, flowers, red balloons, and chocolates, it almost sounds like the Lucky Charms song. February 14th, commonly called Valentine’s Day and called singles awareness day by all others, is a day of fakes. Now I’m not the depressed single girl who hates Valentines Day because she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and as soon as she gets one will spend her year dreaming about it. No, I truly believe that it is for false lovers. If you really love someone you won’t say it on the one day a year when you have to, along with the rest of the country. I believe you would say it everyday and in a very unique way. When you love someone, you show it when they’re least expecting it and you’ll get them something special just between you; not a dozen roses and a box of chocolates that every convenience store in North America is selling. No, Valentines Day shows how far out materialistic culture will go; it will put a price and a date on love.

Love is patient, kind, not envious, it doesn’t boast, it keeps no record of wrongs…it always hopes and perseveres (1 Corinthians-14:4-7). I in a movie once, that if it was for sale, it was not love. This seems to be opposite what our culture is telling people. The verse doesn’t mention anything about buying cheap chocolates, dying roses, and a fancy dinner. True love is selfless and happens all year round. It is the tiny things every day like, accepting the bundle of dandelions or the handprint picture because it was made especially for you. It is not the two dozen roses picked up on the way home. It is also loving and forgiving someone when they disappoint you; not holding out for the 24 karat diamond necklace. Valentine’s Day seems to bring out the worst in people. Men and women are forever boasting about the most expensive thing they bought or received for Valentines Day. This brings out pride and envy, and that is not love. Who cares what Jane’s husband bought for her? Your gift was from the heart just for you, wasn’t it?

Many people pity those who are alone on Valentine’s Day. I find it freeing. I don’t have to worry about the ‘perfect’ gift to get someone or worry about what they’ll get me. I also don’t have to worry about what to wear to dinner or how to keep the mood right. If you love someone, any time with them can be perfect no matter what you’re wearing. I’m not saying Valentines Day itself is bad, just make sure you put as much love and thought into every day as you do Valentine’s Day.