This I Believe

Rachel - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

After driving all day through the corn-filled countryside, the very distant mountains came into view. We could see them approaching closer and closer, and it was hard to believe that in a few hours, we would be driving right through them to our destination: Quaker Ridge Christian Camp in Woodland Park, Colorado. I was traveling with an excellent group of fifteen teenagers and six adult leaders from Bella Vista Church. Most of us, including myself, had never seen a mountain prior to this trip.

My experience on this trip extended well beyond just seeing mountains. I got to fully experience the mountains. The camp’s signature mountain, Soldier’s Mountain, was poised at the center of the camp. There was a spectacular view of the camp from up high, and an indescribable view of all the mountains beyond, including Pike’s Peak. One morning, some friends and I awoke at 4:30 in the morning and trooped up the mountain to watch the sunrise. I was speechless at the sight of it. This experience taught me that every day begins with God’s beautiful creation and his creation is a daily gift to us.

Later that day, our leaders announced that we would once again venture up Soldier’s Mountain. Only this time, half of us would be blindfolded. Just my luck, I was blindfolded. I had to be guided up the mountain by someone else. This idea was very difficult for me to embrace. I tend to not trust anyone except myself. But I no longer could rely on myself. I was forced to trust someone else. Someone else had to guide me over the roots, holes, sticks, and rocks to reach the top. At the top, a leader explained that our activity illustrated how we need to trust in God. We cannot go through life as a lone ranger. We need to depend on God to get us through trials and tribulations, just like a blindfolded person has to depend on someone else to get him up the mountain.

On our last day in the mountains, we tood part in the most daring adventure: mountain rappelling. This terrified me. The guide explained that putting trust in the harnesses and the guides to get you down safely is the exact same as putting your trust in God to let him lead you, except for putting trust in God is a lot safer. This analogy came to life when I harnessed up and successfully rappelled 150 feet down a cliff.

This I believe: God created mountains to teach us about Him. He uses them to teach us to appreciate, admire and be touched by his creation. But most importantly, He uses them to build our trust in Him. He uses them to show us that He is bigger than a mountain.