This I Believe

Brittany - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that relationships may be the biggest and most important impact on someone’s life. I believe this because of how much one can learn from one relationship or many. Whether good or bad, having other people, their thoughts, actions and influences in our lives teach us something everyday.

I believe that relationships build the foundations of ourselves. If we lived in this world all alone there would be no one else to impact our ideas. Our friends for example teach us about themselves, which in return inform us of ideas, values, and thoughts different thank our own. My swim coach has tought me more about respect than anyone else i’ve ever known. Not only did he set a good example for me by respecting people but i also learned what my idea of respect was because i learned exactly how much i respected him. I now believe that having respect for someone is the basis for forming a relationship. Without that foundation it is hard to get to know someone.

To some extent we are who we are without the influence of others. My personality is unique to me. A person develops certain qualities and characteristics one their own. But friends can have a large impact too. Take my friend Emily for example. She believes that a simple compliment to anyone having a bad day can make a big difference. While granted it is a small gesture on her part, I’ve realized just what that small compliment can do. Her will to brighten someone’s day has influenced me to want to do the same.

I believe that relationships allow us to grow and learn. My dad and i have very similar personalities. My watching his everyday activities he has become more than just a role model to me. He has allowed me to realize the talents, flaws and personality traits that we share, such as always having to be doing something productive. The actions he demonstrates and the relationship we have formed have developed some of my ideas and values.

Whether it is someone’s odd behavior, kind gesture, or lecture given, every relationship in anyone’s life has a lasting impact. It may be a negative experience; sometimes these have the most profound impact. It does not have to be a close relationship; it could be the act of kindness from a stranger that teaches you to have more compassion or patience. Anyway, shape, or form other people influence our lives everyday.