This I Believe

Shari - Belmont, Michigan
Entered on January 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in board games. I believe board games are a filler of free time, a time for amusement, a time for logical thinking, a time for competition, and a time for unwinding and letting loose. I believe board games uncover the personalities of individuals. I believe they release the true character of the competitor.

I play Scrabble with my intellectual family on occasion, and I am drawn into the intensity that this word game creates. Where can I place my letters to earn the most possible points and prevent the next player from earning a double word score? This is not only a tough decision, but also one that could ruin the next player’s turn or one that could end in complete humiliation if not enough points are earned. My dad becomes entranced by the game and can become the enemy as if this word battle decides life or death. He shouts and demands a rematch if he is defeated, but cheers and refuses to battle again when he conquers. I have nothing to attribute his enthusiasm to but the game itself.

Each time I play Cranium with my friends, I am transformed into a boisterous and competitive foe. We enter a realm in which we unravel our rambunctious, creative, and knowledgeable characters that will aid in achieving victory with our carefully chosen partner. Chris and I always choose to be partners. Our personalities mesh as we think alike to accurately guess what the other is drawing, acting, or thinking. This results with Chris and me defeating our opponents. Each game is complete with uncontrollable laughter, shouting, fierce competition, amusement, and learned trivia. As I sit and watch each set of partners take their turn, I wait eagerly for my turn to act crazy and dominate. Cranium is a game that all my friends have grown to love. It seems to be a tradition to play it when we all get together. I always look forward to board game night.

I believe board games bring people closer together even though the game is a competition between the players. Board games serve as a link, connecting people through understanding and acceptance of inner character that is unleashed. I play board games with intensity, vigor, and concentration rather than being reserved and observant portrayed in other settings. I believe there is at least one board game that will bring out the true personality of each person. I believe in board games.