This I Believe

Glenn - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Around the time that I was in the second grade, I saw my first horror movie. At this point in my life, a film about a man, trapped in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, forced to slaughter his recently possessed former friends in some of the most visceral ways possible could hold on to my attention unrelentingly. To me, “Evil Dead II” was an outstanding achievement in motion picture history, and as far as my interests in movies go, some things haven’t changed.

When you’re rolling your eyes at the latest remake or slasher film that’s being advertised, I’m glued to the screen, waiting for the inevitable tagline and the all important R-rating that accompanies any true horror movie with even a chance at success. When you happen to be walking through the horror section at Blockbuster and notice that, for whatever reason, there is only a display box for “A Nightmare on Elm Street 5”, implying that someone actually checked it out, it was probably me. When the person in charge of sweeping the floors after a movie is over sees that only four people actually left the theatre playing the remake of “Within the Woods”, there is a good chance that one of them was me, and another was a friend of mine who only saw the movie because I paid for both tickets.

With this in mind, I feel comfortable saying that I believe in grade-B horror. I will thoroughly enjoy as many tales as the theatres will permit, of heroic department store employees, by the book police officers, and even common criminals who are forced to throw down their best efforts at surviving a zombie onslaught while others around them fail to do so. The more the person sitting next to me cringes at the inevitable pain and gore a specific scene will cause, the closer I pay attention to precisely what proportions of blood/intestines/limbs are shed. I believe in the R-rating. Without it, presumptions about the fate of any particular character can be made strictly based on the combination of letters and/or numbers appearing after the films preview, but with it, the possibilities, as well as the blood, can be endless.