This I Believe

Kevin - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humility

Few things in life are as simple yet meaningful as a coardboard box. The life of a cardboard box is one of purpose and worth. I believe a cardboard box is the most profound and influential item to mankind. You may be struggling to grasp how a cardboard box could be so vital. The reason this overlooked storage item is so powerful is its capacity. Just imagine all a cardboard box can provide. Everything that can possibly be held within the parameters of the light brown cardboard walls provides endless capabilities. A cardboard box is used by a child as a spaceship while playing provides joy and stimulation for his imagination and creativity. A cardboard box used to stand on to reach a glass from a cupboard provides support and stability. A cardboard box filled with brand new textbooks arriving at a poor inner-city school provides opportunity. A cardboard box containing tools and supplies delivered to New Orleans brtings strength and aid. A cardboard box shaped as a heart filled with chocolates can provide love and comfort. A cardboard box of clothes delieverd to the Salvation Army also delivers gratitude and hope. I am deeply moved by the resilience of a simple cardboard box. It can be taped, stapled, and glued back together in order to be used over and over, helping to carry and provide. A cardboard box fightrs to withstand the weight of its contents up to its very capacity; filled to the point of bursting or overflowing. A cardboard box with out contents is the greatest waste conceivable. If a cardboard box is filled with nothing but valuable empty storage space, the cardboard box serves no true purpose.