This I Believe

Weixin - Syracuse, New York
Entered on January 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

What I believe is forgiveness.

Forgiveness helps me to live better with my father. When I was young, I liked my mother much more than my father. At that time, my father always instructed me with his fist. As he explained, it’s for my good and it’s more efficient. Sometimes, he also showed his love to me. He bought me toys and gave me pocket money. But what I remembered was all about his fist. I hated him. After I went to middle school, I changed from hating my father to looking down on him. He’s such an ordinary people that he couldn’t buy me everything that I want. So for a very long time, I didn’t like to talk to him and I seldom shared my school life with him. All this changed when I realized that being an ordinary people was not his fault and everything that he did before was his way of showing love to me. So I forgave his fist. After that, we talked much more than we did before and I could even see happiness on his face.

Forgiveness not only helps me to live better with my family, but also stops me from losing a good friend. In the last year of my undergraduate study, I had a fight with my good friend Chen because of some stupid reason. Since then, we behaved like a stranger to each other. I knew it was not right to pretend to don’t know him and I always tried to say sorry to him. But it was just kind of losing face if I apologize first. So this situation continued until the end of semester when all classmates dined together at one night. After some drink, Chen and I hugged and said sorry to each other with tears. Now I can’t remember who said sorry first, but I do know that our friendship returns again since that night. Sometimes, the most difficult part of forgiveness is making the first step.

What I believe is forgiveness. It is not simply forgetting one’s wrongs, but also accepting him. And it helps us to make more friends instead of more enemies.